Encore 700S

Encore 700 S: Time tested. Future approved.

The Encore 700 S has become the benchmark for fuel businesses. The E700S is designed to have the ultimate flexibility and reliability to ensure your fuel dispensers fit your business for decades to come. The highly secure CRIND® provides enhanced, upgradeable security that supports emerging technologies and minimizes the need for future investments.

Proven design

With a familiar ATM-style customer interface, a full range of alternative fuel options, and the industry’s most comprehensive warranty, retailers can expect maximum uptime.

    Forecourt Merchandising

    Encore® 700 S gives you field-proven tools to inform, persuade, and motivate your fuel customers to come inside your store and buy higher-margin goods, through:

    • Flexible content management options, with the industry-leading Applause merchandising system
    • Superior image clarity, resolution and video performance
    • 10.4" color upgrade option for maximum impact

    Room to grow

    Encore® 700 S provides a strong foundation for growth with powerful, future-ready electronics to support your innovation needs, such as mobile payments, enhanced loyalty, expanded merchandising and other applications

    Enhanced, upgradeable security

    Encore 700 S is the cornerstone of Gilbarco’s suite of EMV technology. Retailers benefit from Gilbarco’s global EMV leadership and experience, including the largest installed base of EMV fueling pay points in North America The Payment Card Industry and EMV certified platform in Encore 700 S include:

    > FlexPay™ Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP) to protect PIN data
    > FlexPay™ Hybrid (Chip and Magnetic Stripe) Card Reader
    > EMV® certification


    Regulatory/Governmental Approvals

    • UL, cUL
    • Measurement Canada, Weights & Measures, FCC
    • PCI PED 4.x
    • EMV® Compatible

     Environmental Specifications

    • Operating Temperature: – 30°C ~ +55°C
    • A cabinet or keypad heater option is available to avoid ice accumulation


    • Up to 400-MHz ARM A9 Core for enhanced CRIND applications speed
    • Secure processor for data encryption and tamper responsiveness
    • Memory:
      • NAND Flash: 512 MB
      • DDR SRAM: 256 MB
      • eMMC: 4GB

    Component Options

    • 5.7" QVGA (10.4" VGA upgrade option available)
    • NFC Contactless Reader > 2D Barcode Scanner
    • Door switches to notify the POS to limit access and prevent tampering*
    • Key components that self-disable in the event of tampering
    • High-Speed Graphic Thermal Printer
    • Encrypted Pulser (optional)

    Information is power.

    Having 24/7 visibility of your site’s performance and tools to troubleshoot and resolve dispenser issues remotely could give you the edge you need to outperform your competitors. Gilbarco Veeder-Root has created a cloud-based solution that will reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), increase your uptime and elevate the customer experience.

    Gilbarco’s cloud-based service, Insite360 Encore, allows subscribers to remotely connect to their dispensers and perform several straightforward and complex tasks. Insite360 Encore provides you with the following features:

    • Remote Management – With Insite360 Encore, every c-store owner can resolve as high as 30% of the most common issues in minutes, remotely. That means you can get your forecourt running without the added maintenance costs of a site visit.
    • Performance Monitoring – Real-time visibility of your entire network enables you to take action before your customers discover a problem. By monitoring your forecourt equipment’s performance metrics, you can evaluate your site’s health and predict potential issues (e.g., like analyzing flow rates) that may arise.
    • Asset Management – One less task to do in the day is one less worry. That is why Gilbarco Veeder-Root has provided an automating feature for recording your secure asset information and change history. By alleviating the cumbersome responsibility of reporting for PCI requirements, you can run your c-store effeciently and can always remotely review this information at any time.
    • Security – In a time where criminal activity is still a threat to c-stores, safety is no joke. That is why with Insite360 Encore, Gilbarco Veeder-Root provides enhanced security measures so that when unauthorized entry is attempted, you will not only be alerted immediately but will also have the ability to automate a dispenser shutdown.

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