• Input Solid State Isolation Relay ISO-1004 4

ISO-1004 (4) Input Solid State Isolation Relay


Solid State 4 Input STP Isolation Relay
Designed to provide isolation of fueling dispensers that share common products.
  • Overall module dimensions: 2.0"W x 2.0"H x .75"D .
  • Mode of operation: Solid State Relay, if all initiate switches are open, the solid state relay output remains open.  If, at any time, one or more of the four (4) switches close, the relay output closes.
  • Operating voltage: 120VAC, .75 Ampere steady state, 10 Ampere inrush for 16 milliseconds, off state leakage current 5 milliamperes typical.
  • A solid state switch exhibiting up to 10 milliamperes of leakage will not cause unit to activate its output.
  • The inputs may be connected to L1 or L2 in any combination as long as the white common wire is connected to ACC.
  • If more than four (4) inputs are required, two (2) or more units may be connected with the outputs in parallel.  Their black wires must be all connected to L1 or all connected to L2.
  • Seven 6" pre-stripped 18AWG wires for easy installation.
  • Quantity discounts available.


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Input Solid State Isolation Relay ISO-1004 4

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