Manufacturer: B&K TANK GAUGE STICK
Model: FL4
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B&K Tank Gauge Stick Section Fold-N-Lock

Item Code Length Calibration Inches Calibration Metric
FL4 4 Section 12' Overall 126"  320cm

B&K's Fold-N-Lock Stick is a great product for those who need portability and have limited storage capacity. These 3 foot sections fold open without the use of any tools and lock in an open position for use. Qaulity hardwood and tough coatings make this item as durable as the one piece poles. Dull black on 3 sides, for level detection; clear coating on top to protect scale; heavy, solid brass rivets and washer. 

  • Made of kiln dried seasons hardwood
  • 5/16" X 7/8"  rectangular profile
  • 1/8" increments in standard inch rises; 1/2cm metric with 1 cm rises
  • Permanent rivet in nonferrous metal
  • Delrin lock won't wear or loosen
  • Available in 9', 12' & 15' lengths
  • Folds to 3' for storage and shipping

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