PIUSI 12V EX50 PUMP F00371500

Manufacturer: PIUSI USA INC
Model: F00371500
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UL/CSA-Listed 15 GPM Fuel Transfer Pump

Spec Sheet

The Piusi EX50 UL/CSA-listed fuel transfer pump is designed for the dispensing of gasoline, diesel and kerosene. The EX50 is a fuel pump designed to last longer and maintain higher flow rates when used with accessories that create resistance. Capable of delivering up to 15 GPM. Available in 12V and 120V options. Also available as a Transfer Pump Kit equipped with auto-nozzle, delivery hose, and optional meter and/or filter.

Technical Features:

  • • UL-listed motor suitable for Class 1, Div 1 area
  • • Sturdy and compact structure
  • • Cast iron body
  • • High efficiency pump that can deliver up to 15 GPM
  • • Anti-noise filter (EMC - electromagnetic compatibility)
  • • Flanged components
  • • Bypass valve built-in
  • • Thermal overload protection
  • • Suction unit with integrated filter


  • Description: 12V EX50 Pump
  • Part # F00371500


  • Description: 120V EX50 Pump
  • Part # F00373500

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