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Model: F00208A40
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Piusi MA 130 35 GPM Air-Operated Fuel Pump

Spec Sheet

Air-Operated Pumps


Piusi MA air-operated diaphragm pumps are designed to assure the utmost reliability and highest performance levels. The sturdy central polypropylene body, lateral half-shells, aluminum or polypropylene suction, delivery manifolds, and the use of high quality NBR diaphragms make it possible to transfer fluids with high apparent viscosities, even when contaminated with suspended solids as in the case of spent oil.

The pneumatic circuit is a guarantee of safety and the construction principle makes Piusi MA pumps particularly suitable for severe duty conditions or operation in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX certification for zone 2).

The MA 130 can deliver up to 13 GPM, and the MA 180 can deliver up to 40 GPM.

  • Description: Piusi MA 130
  • Part # F00208A30


  • Description: Piusi MA 180
  • Part # F00208A40

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