LOB-1014 Maintained Switch W/1-NO / 1-NC

Model: 935-0011
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LOB-1014 Maintained Switch W/1-NO / 1-NC ~ AC Lamp


ESCO Power Control Pushbutton Station
ESCO's Power Control Pushbutton Stations can be used as an option for ESCO's other Power Control products or as a component for on site constructed Power Control systems.  ESCO has standard Power Control Pushbutton Stations available in over 25 different switch and contact combinations with available indicator lamps and audio alarms.
  • One normally open and One normally closed 10 amp contact.
  • Light gray poly NEMA 4X enclosure
    Dimensions: 5.12" H x 3.7" W x 2.24" D
  • Clearly labeled bright Red and Safety Yellow polyester label aids in visibility.
  • Large red Mushroom style palm pushbutton switch actuator.
  • Red 120VAC indicator lamp. Lamp can be wired to indicate when pushbutton has been pressed or attached to a leak detection systems remote output contacts.
  • Heavy Duty switch is Push to Stop / Pull to Reset.
  • Provisions for ten conduit knockout openings on all four sides.
  • Optional clear polycarbonate cover helps dramatically to extend the life and reliability.


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